Minecraft Network says Unknown Host every 10 minutes

Hello, I am a new cloudflare user who just recently setup cloudflare for my new domain and minecraft server. (I am new to this stuff).
The issue I am currently having is that I can connect to my minecraft server using my domain every I would say 10 minutes. Then everything stops working minecraft starts saying ‘Cant resolve host name’. I dont know if this is needed, but the domain is CovertMC.com

Any help would be appreciated!

I’m not an MineCraft expert but I’m sure that happens if your Domain does not resolve with an A/AAAA entry directly to your MineCraft Server.

Therefore I assume your are proxying (:orange:) your domain or subdomain you are running your MineCraft Server behind?
If so please unproxy and use DNS only (:grey:) on the domain or subdomain you are pointing to your server and let it propagate. Please notice that this means you are exposing your real IP. Then test again after this with this command in your shell:

nslookup covertmc.com

Does resolv to your origin servers IP.

Crosslink to a MineCraft Forum actually underlining that:

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