Minecraft Domain say "Unknown host"

I watch a tutorial on server.pro to how make a Minecraft Custom Domain. But some weird reason i can’t make it. I followed exacly on the video. What did i wrong?!
If you see content for, just ignore it. It’s my website

Extra: My website is also something wrong. I always got The IP address of the forum.norgecraft.net server could not be found. Please help it as well?

Your domain appears to have expired and is within the redemption period. You should renew that as quickly as possible.

I just bought today

The domain appears to have been registered a month ago and I guess the expiration can only be explained with a failed payment. You need to contact your registrar.

Okay so i found out my router just messing with me so the website is working but the Minecraft IP still not working

Did you read what I wrote?

Yes but i don’t need to contact them because if my website is working, so that means payment is not failed

Your website cannot be working as the whole domain does not work.

Again, talk to your registrar. This is not a Cloudflare issue.

So why is my website is up but not Minecraft Domain?

And why do i need contact to my registrar, while my website is up but not in Minecraft Domain?

It is not


For the third time, your domain is about to be deleted. If you don’t want that talk to your registrar.

Try this: http://sitemeer.com/#norgecraft.net

And what do I get there?

You can try this https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/norgecraft.net.html and this https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/forum.norgecraft.net.html

That is not useful. You are posting a .net domain.

My mistake. I ment forum.NorgeCraft.net. .com domain its my old domain

Yes, that domain works


but what about Minecraft Server IP. It’s still say “Unknown host”

Are you using an SRV record? If so, make sure it is properly configured. There is even a dedicated tutorial under #Tutorials.

I did. Not working

You did what? Sorry, but it is a tad difficult to say anything with the amount of information you provide.

I suggest you slowly go through the tutorial one more time and make sure everything is correct.