Minecraft Domain issues

Hi, just wondering if I can get some help with my SRV record. I’ve currently got it setup so that in theory my minecraft server should be accesible by my friends using “playmc.zzajekilay.site” and this was working perfectly fine. However for whatever reason this no longer works. I can still see the server as online using my domain on anything on my network but anything outside my network can’t see it. I’m not very well versed in this area so a little patience in helping me fix this would be appreciated.

Hi @BuzzyBoi,

The “DNS only - reserved IP” message next to your A record suggests to me that it’s not pointing to the right place. It should be set to :grey:, but I would expect the :orange: option. Assuming the server is hosted locally on your network, I’m guessing you pointed that to the internal IP of the device rather than the public IP of the network.


That seems to have worked, of course its something that simple. My sleep addled brain totally skipped over that. Thank you so much for the help, really appreciate it.

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No problem, glad you got it sorted!

You have also not enabled SSL on your website

Do I not? I thought it was setup correctly. Like i said though I’m very new to all this so if it’s not I would like to rectify it.

As far as I can tell you have a proper certificate set up on the machine with the IP address ending in 242.

Just make sure your encryption mode is Full Strict.

it is indeed on full strict.

In that case you should be good to go.

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