Minecraft DNS "Unknown Host"

Just recently switched to Cloudflare as my DNS/domain registrar and trying to get the domain to work with my Minecraft server. Connecting to the MC server via the IP directly works fine. I followed this guide and similar guides like it, but it’s not working and I’m not quite sure why.

Here is my current settings. I have tried both with and without the SRV record, doing it via the root instead of a subdomain, doing both at the same time, and nada.

Well, this is interesting. I’m not sure why, but it seems Minecraft does not like your hostname.

I added stupidtest.com to my hostfile, and it works just fine.

This is a Wireshark capture:

After also adding play.exeoscraft.com to my hostfile, another capture:

Minecraft seems to discard that hostname for some reason, not even checking for an SRV record.

Is there any recourse for this? I was on Squarespace for years prior to this until it just suddenly stopped working a few days ago. This is what prompted me to switch to Cloudflare. Both have the same issue, even after the registration has finished moving.

Your server was banned by Mojang. If you generate an SHA-1 hash for *.exeoscraft.com, it yields 3cbe823ef9d6216b0849d082ad9b2dafc2f6f8df, which is the 2nd newest entry to https://sessionserver.mojang.com/blockedservers.

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I cannot imagine why that would be, we’re a small charity server. I suppose I will have to reach out to Mojang then.

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