Minecraft DNS records not working

I just setup my domain to lead to my Minecraft server running from a port forward on my pc but when I try to ping the domain from Minecraft, it can’t connect. Is there a waiting time or something?

I did follow the tutorial at Creating DNS Records in Cloudflare for a Minecraft Server - Tutorial - Cloudflare Community

Are you creating the record for the root domain (e.g. example.com) or a subdomain (e.g. mine.example.com)?

If you are creating it for the root, the correct value is @ and not the domain which it appears (from the screenshot you have posted) you have entered (this is shown in the first image in the aforementioned tutorial.)

root and I put @ but after I hit save then edit it shows the actual domain

What is the SRV record supposed to do?
As you have, it does nothing and I would recommend deleting it to avoid any problems.

You only need an SRV record if your minecraft server is on a different host than your A record or if your port is different from 25565.

I did not know that, I will try removing it.

still fails

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Yes, as I said, that SRV record did nothing. I wouldn’t expect it to work now.

If you don’t want to share your domain (which is understandable, as it leaks your ip address), you need to check if your domain actually resolves to your ip, if the portforwarding is correct (try to connect to your mc server using your ip instead of the domain) and if your mc server is actually running (try connecting to from the same computer).

It does, I checked my public ip and just pasted that in the IPv4 field. It is also the address that my friends have been able to connect to the server so far.

So, if you enter your IP address to connect to your minecraft server, it works, but not if you enter the domain? That would be very strange indeed.

And when you start nslookup.exe and enter your domain, it shows the same ip address?

If you are willing to share your domain, you could send it to me via email ([email protected]) and I could take a look, but other than that I’m not really sure what to do.

@prineaj0, did you fix the issue yet?

I’m confirming that one:

If both the Name and Target fields are holding the EXACT same domain (e.g. exactly example.net in both fields), the SRV record is completely useless.

There are certain keys in part, such as e.g.:

  1. port forward
  2. on my pc

Both of those sounds like a home / residential Internet connection, which more and more commonly these days are behind something called Carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT), where multiple customers share the same public IPv4 address.

If you’re behind CGNAT, it doesn’t really matter how much you try to port forward, the port forward will never work, as there would multiple layers where it would need to be opened in order to actually become accessible.

Both the domain owner, the domain owner’s DNS provider, as well as the operator of the DNS resolver you (and your visitors) use, can all have a say in regards to what kind of waiting time would be necessary.

Since you’re using Cloudflare as DNS provider, you should currently wait a minimum of 1 hour, when creating new records.

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