Minecraft DNS help

Hey all,

I have followed this tutorial as well as I can with no luck. Here is a screenshot of my DNS records:

I am able to connect directly using the internal IP of the server, as is my friend using the public IP if I open the port, so I am fairly certain the server is functioning normally… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Been fighting this, perusing as many videos and tutorials as I can find, for too long.

Does your server IP match the IP address sin the A record? From your screenshot, it is using a local IP which means the server would be on your network.

Hey, thanks for responding. I have attempted to set it up using both the local and public IPs of the computer running the server, with no luck on either. In both cases, the IP I put into the A record is the same as I can use to connect directly to the minecraft server.

Does it work if you don’t have the SRV record for minecraft and using the server public IP?

That seems to have fixed the issue. Wish I could say I could understand why the SRV wasn’t working, but I am glad its okay for the moment! Thanks for the feedback.

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