[minecraft]Connection reset by peer after using cloudflare dns+SRV

I am currently using Cloudflare DNS with SRV record to redirect all Minecraft 25565 in come traffic.

I discovered that when i use Cloudflare DNS with SRV, players(including myself) will face disconnection when the connection time is long, lets say they have connected and play Minecraft server more then 10 hours with the SRVed DNS domain. But if they use direct IP, they will not face such problem.

Minecraft is a java game, the error shown to me is " readAddress(…) failed: Connection reset by peer"
picture :

What should i do?

Your DNS record needs to be :grey: to work with Minecraft, as port 25565 as Cloudflare doesn’t proxy TCP connection.

Here is a guide

If the A record is the one that the SRV record is pointing to, then it needs to be :grey:

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Cloudflare will not proxy the traffic for port 25565 with a :orange: record. There are 3 ways you can get minecraft setup

  1. Using a :grey: DNS record
  2. Buying Spectrum (Only available on Pro+ Plans)
  3. You use Cloudflared to tunnel. This requires this program to be installed on both your server and anyone who you want to connect.

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