Minecraft Bungeecord Issue


I use a Minecraft Bungeecord server and all my players have the same ip? Can someone help me with that? (Spectrum enabled)

Unfortunately it seems like getting the original client ip is only possible for enterprise customers.

I would say that the proxy protocol is embedded by default on any spectrum application, the only difference should be that the enterprise customers have better pricing and option to use the spectrum service on most if not all ports.
It could be that those pages are not yet updated, it was common to see spectrum related documentation say that it’s enterprise exclusive.

EDIT: @McJonesHD just be aware of the spectrum pricing, minecraft consumes a LOT of bandwidth and it only takes a dozen of players to burn PRO and BUSINESS included bandwidth, in a matter of hours, from that point the billing gets ridiculously high.
If you want to recover the players ip using spectrum, you will need a plugin to do that for you, I believe Hypixel made one for free, but I’m not completely sure of that, you would have to ask on minecraft forums to see the resources available for this.