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Some emails have not been delivered from my service and my support is suggesting the following, any ideas on how to do the below on Cloudflare:

The advice at this time is that you need to update your mimecast configuration for mindboost.com to authorise our servers to send email to their users in bulk,

The error code is 451. To know more about this error, you can read about the various reasons it is caused at https://community.mimecast.com/docs/DOC-1369#451. Our developer suspects it is down to the entry that says ‘There are too many concurrent inbound connections for the account. The default is 20’. On this basis, if you are able to allow the site to send more than 20 this will fix things, but until then they will continue to have problems.

Many thanks


Sorry, not sure what you’re asking here. Cloudflare doesn’t provide any mail related services. other than DNS records which point to mail servers. Any configuration change of your mail servers would be one on your end.

If your service is opening more than 20 concurrent connections to an individual MTA, you should probably stop doing that. But that would be configured by your service/sending MTA.

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