Migration with no downtime

Hi, my site is on a Siteground hosting, I would like to switch to Cloudfare. I see that it is possible to activate it easily. However, during the transition, I would like to avoid downtime.

For another site that I have already moved to Cloudfare, I had about 2 hours of downtime due to an unsecure connection issue (I think it’s due to CNAME record propagation times).

Upon asking a Siteground technician I was told that the problem was due to the option to “reconfigure the website to work via www when activating Cloudflare from Site Tools”.
In his opinion, if I uncheck this option I should not have this problem and there should be no service interruption during the migration.

Can you confirm that this is the case? Are there any other aspects I need to keep in mind before activating Cloudfare to avoid downtimes?
My site by the way already works via www, so that option should not be necessary.


Hi there,

There are two ways you can activate a domain on Cloudflare (Full Setup or Partial/CNAME setup)

A full setup means you move to Cloudflare as your authoritative DNS provider and use our nameservers configured your registrar.

A CNAME/Partial setup means you keep your authoritative nameservers where they are (Siteground?) and then use CNAME records to proxy through Cloudflare.

I suspect you are using the second option if you signed up to Cloudflare via SiteGround. A common reason why there is downtime in this method of signing up is because we only start provisioning the Universal SSL certificate at our edge once you proxy through us.

The way it works is we use HTTP validation to issue the universal SSL certificate for your domain and we inject the DCV path that is required by the certificate authority when you proxy through us - so there can be downtime while this process happens.

To work around this, you can change your validation - Cloudflare API v4 Documentation - you can change the validation to TXT/CNAME validation via our API so you can issue the certificate prior to proxying through us.

Another option is to purchase a ACM certificate prior to proxying through us - https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/edge-certificates/advanced-certificate-manager to ensure you have a certificate in place, but this does come at an extra cost.

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