Migration to new managed rules is opaque


I would like to migrate to the new managed rules, but the process is a little bit muddy or, in any case, I’m having trouble understanding how the migration works.
When I go to “managed rules”, “Update to the new managed rules” and click on “Review configuration”.

The rules reference some IDs which I’ve no idea what they point to. For example, the description of one rule is:

Rule migrated from Firewall Rules: allow: [512554c7366347cd9d844f001fd64869, 55abadd3e2fc4be39af7ae8c9a5aa98b, 8cdf8e2cb45744cea6c9cfcf5122a843, 9d9ef2086c004f52a1bdc624f98ce1c6, 06fc24a9f0fc4c8b9c568ac5fa691689] and bypass: [0905e83991064f14944f9583b22b0469]

And it states that, when incoming requests match:

not (((ip.src in {})) or ((http.request.uri.path eq "/epayment/ipn.php")) or ((ip.src eq or ((http.request.uri.path eq "/js-error-logs/logError.php")) or ((cf.client.bot))) and ((http.host eq "example.com"))

Then Skip.

How can I know what rule is actually being migrated from and how can I understand how the process generally works?

Any tips regarding this process would be really helpful. At least to have some starting point. Does Cloudflare maybe collect several rules and aggregates them into one?

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