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We are in the process of moving a domain that is already on Cloudflare to our account.

When we created our account and set up the domain - the DNS records was autofilled as usual by Cloudflare.

In the autofilled records, we have been given two IPs for all proxied records. I’m told that these IPs are Cloudflare proxied IPs which eventually land at the destination IP.

If we wanted to change the setup to point to a new server, would we delete all proxied records and add the new IP in?

Any help much appreciated.


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You can update an existing record rather than delete it. Proxied records will continue to show Cloudflare IPs. Proxied requests will be routed to the new origin server.

Thank you, @epic.network! Would I remove one of the proxied records and update the other? Just as there are currently two records for each name/type, i.e. ‘mail’, ‘ftp’ etc.

You should be able to get a good set of records from the old account:

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You should only see two Cloudflare IPs returned on public queries. If you are seeing Cloudflare proxy IPs in the DNS of your Cloudflare dashboard, you will need to fix that. If you have access to the previous Cloudflare account, the export and import method @sdayman shared is going to be a solid option.

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Thanks @sdayman and @epic.network . I’ve now asked the old account holder, to provide an export from his end.



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