Migration of domain from two cloudflare account

i want to migrate one domain from one cloudflare account, to another cloudflare account,
I saw in the website : once the domain is active on he new account then i will be able to order a Free Universal SSL certificate,
My question is ; will this new certificate Universal be available just after the switch of the domain ?
(in this case we should have no impact) or will it be delivered after severals hours or days ? ( like it’s work for a new domain if i understood correctly )

Furthermore, for the Server origin certificates, i tried to generate some, but nothing happens when i click Next button,
Do i need to do something first, or maybe it’s not free ?

Thanks for your help

Generally, proxy certificates should be issued pretty quickly but there still can be a delay. In any case it is important that the domain is fully active first on your new account

Origin certificates are always free. If you are trying this on the new account it might be because the domain is not active yet, though I would assume that should rather return an error. Try a different browser maybe.

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