Migration issues

Wordfence was causing problems. In the last month I have uninstalled the Wordpress plugin, completely uninstalled with one of their plugins and installed again.

In the last month I had the results achieved in the previous 11 months. I completely uninstalled Wordfence.

I had done a migration 1 year ago, I don’t know if this solution will help to have customers on my site. Could you check if Cloudflare creates any kind of problems?

The previous site had similar problems and I had migrated. I installed the Wordpress plugin called Wordfence after months because Google didn’t want to bring traffic to my site. Search Console was unable to validate URLs.

Now that the situation is improving day by day with Wordfence, I think Cloudflare may have problems related to or on the previous site. I would like to know more, to overcome any obstacle.

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