Migration guru wordpress plugin issue

I am trying migrate our wordpress site with the help of migration guru plugin but When I am trying then it say this “It seems that Cloudflare blocked our request. Can you please check it at your end” How I can fix this ?

Can you see the block? If so, create a rule to all that traffic. You can find the block here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/security/events

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I checked and there are no blocks see here Screenshot by Lightshot, Should I create a new filter ?

If you don’t see the block there is not a lot to go on to create a rule. I did a brief search and it seems there are similar reports caused by permissions or directory ownership. It may be worth asking the migration guru team if there is an ASN or specific IP that you can allow. Let us know how this works out, I am curious as to the cause.

I checked and no block, Can you please check it your end what is this issue. Can you please check this https://mg.blogvault.net/migration/ Did this domain blocked by your network ?

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