Migration from AWS to CloudFlare

Dear Team,
I am planning to migrate my DNS from AWS Route 53 to Cloud flare. As suggested
I have changed the named server in Route 53 to Cloudflare DNS server and modified the DNS

Since my website is hosted in Pythonanywhere i have created a sub domain with WWW.

My Issue is , when my domain is entered , it is not routed to sub domain (python anywhere) and my Route53 settings are still active.
Should i change the Domain registar from Route53 to Cloudflare for the Cloudflare DNS setting to be active.
Please Advice.

You shouldn’t have to change registrars to use Cloudflare DNS. It’s possible that because PythonAnywhere runs at AWS, it knows about your Route53 settings.

Without knowing the domain name, there’s nothing else we can check. But as a reminder, it can take up to 48 hours for name server changes to take effect.

Thank you.
My domain in and I have changed my Python anywhere domain to as well.
Since PA is based on CNAME I have created a www sub domaim in cloud-flare.

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