Migration from 3rd partner to activate DNS menu

Hi community,
I hire a 2 years prepaid service at Siteground hosting service, now I have to move to WPEngine hosting provider that requiere that I change some DNS records from the DNS section at Cloudflare.

The problem is when I access to the DNS menu at CF I get the message " Partner hosted zone" that send me to Siteground where they teold me that “speak” with someone in Cloudflare.

How I can quit to Siteground dependancy, activate the DNS option menu at CF and migrate my 2 years from Siteground to Cloudflare?

Any brave that can help me?


Siteground support is pretty dim at times. See if there’s a way to disable Cloudlfare from within your Siteground account.

Thanks for your quick response, the option to cancel the service with Siteground is a valid option and they offer me that but I will lost 1 year pre paid. Do you now what happen right after disable Cloudfront from Siteground? Could I will able to use the DNS menu at CF with the same user account?

If you’re no longer hosting your site at SiteGround, then you have no choice. At the first opportunity, take a screenshot of all of your DNS records at Siteground. Then disable the Cloudflare integration. That should get you started.

The only thing I left behind is the Clodfront service and this question in this community is in order to now what alternatives and how to move it directly to CF trying to don’t loose 18 prepaid months that I still have =(

Thanks for your comments @sdayman , I will start disable it like the first step.

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