Migrating web site to new server (HW)

I am new here. Have built my first web site and want to learn more about it a about servers in general I have installed Linux based server running Joomla on an old laptop to begin with and have it all running with Cloudflare free SSL.
Now I have found a better, faster laptop for free, so I installed everything ok, side is running on localhost, but when I tried to swap it and I changed the laptops, after setting up port forwarding on my router to this new internal IP Address, the introductory default Apache page pops instead the web site front or back end when I enter the web site into my browser’s address bar.
Is there anything HW specific I have missed? I am real novice…
Thanks for any help!

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When troubleshooting such a dramatic change, I suggest you bypass Cloudflare until you get it straightened out. In the Overview section of the Cloudflare Dashboard, there’s a “Pause Cloudflare on Site” link in the lower right corner. Click on that for direct access to your server while you work out the technical issues in your migration.

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That sounds as a very good idea, thanks a lot for directing me this way! :slight_smile:

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