Migrating to Kinsta. Cloudflare DNS and DreamHost DNS messed up

Hey Everyone,

For some reason, I migrating to Kinsta, and Dreamhost DNS (my former hosting) messed up.

I got a message from my site saying I need to check my DNS provider/record.

The problem is, who is my DNS thing? Dreamhost or Kinsta?

And if it is Dreamhost or the domain registrar (for me, it is Dreamhost), then where do I go and why is it messing up?

If it is Kinsta now after propagating nameservers (which I already did), what do I do to get Cloudflare to be nice. Because my Cloudflare was related to Dreamhost.

Anyone got experience with migrating away from Pre-packaged Cloudflare (in this case, Dreamhost hosting) to a new hosting service?



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