Migrating to Cloudflare Registrar with cPanel email forwarding/G Suite

Hi everyone,
My domain is coming up for renewal and I’m interested in migrating to Cloudflare Registrar but I saw that it does not support email forwarding. However, I’m currently managing email forwarding with my host (through cPanel), so I’m not entirely sure what if any action I need to take. What would I need to do?

Is your email forwarding through your registrar, or by your website provider? As long as it is provided by your website provider then you should be fine.

However, any services provided by your domain registrar would likely be lost when you transfer your domain.

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What @thedaveCA said is spot-on

+1, great idea & we do have an existing request for this feature.

I believe it’s done through my website provider (domain was purchased through Google Domains, nameservers changed to Cloudflare, the site itself (a Wordpress site) is hosted by a third party that uses cPanel as the management portal).

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