Migrating to Cloudflare Email Routing


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One feature I’d like to have would be for Cloudflare to automatically consider destination addresses in the form β€œ[email protected]” as automatically verified if β€œ[email protected]” is verified.

Right now, if I want to forward emails sent to β€œ[email protected]” to β€œ[email protected]”, and e-mails sent to β€œ[email protected]” to β€œ[email protected]”, I must verify both β€œ[email protected]” and β€œ[email protected]” as if they were entirely different mailboxes, which adds to a lot of verifications.

Notice that this is different from having a catchall that forwards β€œ*@example.com” to β€œ[email protected]”. In a way, it’s the opposite of the catchall, being β€œ[email protected]” to β€œ[email protected]”.

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Similarly, is there any chance they add the opposite feature soon, to be able to catch all the +* addresses? Like [email protected] and not have to just use the catchall?

I’d recommend voting on this product request if this is a feature you want to see.