Migrating sites that use Cloudflare to a new host

I am moving my hosting from Hostgator to A2 Hosting. Two of my WordPress sites use Cloudflare and have the Cloudflare plugin installed.

My new host has said it would be best to disable Cloudflare before requesting migration but I am confused as to what I need to do to achieve this.

Do I need to remove site from Cloudflare or just pause it?

And in either case, presumably I need to transfer the nameservers back to Hostgator until the migration is complete?

And do I need to deactivate the Cloudflare plugins and if so, at what point should this be done?

See if just Pausing it would be enough. Otherwise, you’ll have to change name servers.

But I’m not a fan of such DNS restrictions, if that’s what this is about. It’s possible they do a site-to-site migration by hostname and don’t want to run into Cloudflare firewall or timeouts during a data transfer, in which case, Pause should be enough.

And that really should be all you need. Cloudflare plugins just manage settings and cache, and that shouldn’t interfere with the migration, but you should purge the Cloudflare cache after the migration.

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Thanks. Not sure what it’s about - they said I can use Cloudflare via the A2 dashboard once it’s migrated, so I don’t think there’s any DNS restrictions.

A contact just told me that just deactivating the cloudflare plugin should be enough?

Good tip re Cloudflare cache, thanks.

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