Migrating Page Rule with multiple wildcards


in the page rules I wanted to setup a rule as shown in the screenshot.

So for example.


would redirect to


How would I be able to implement that on the new Redirect rules? The wildcards have no fixed character length.

The other topics I have seen don’t seem to cover more complex wildcard scenarios.

Thank you.

Without Business plan or higher’s regex_replace I don’t believe you can, too many limitations of ruleset engine (and even if you could, I shudder to think about how complex that expression would be)
CF plans on adding proper wildcard support in the new rules before getting rid of Page Rules: Page rules are now deprecated without good replacements? - #4 by ncano, and ensuring no one is left without proper support/a smooth migration (which just isn’t the case as of the current moment with some more complex rules).
Until then, I would continue to use Page Rules.


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