Migrating multiple domains from Google (domain forwarding)

I am currently using Google Domains as my registar for multiple domains. The way I have it setup is:

example.com (Main site)
example.org (domain and mail forwarding → example.com)
example.net (domain and mail forwarding → example.com)

I want to move these domains to CF, but I’m not exactly sure if the domain and mail forwarding feature is available on CF. Basically, all http/https traffic is forwarded from example.org (or .net) to example.com, and all email sent to [email protected] (or .net) is sent to [email protected].

Is this possible with CF, and if so, how would I go about setting this up? Do I need to add the sites example.org and example.net and setup page rules for them? Is the 3 page rule restriction for free accounts per site, or per account? What about email forwarding?


Per zone, yes. Free plan includes 3 Page Rules by default. We can purchase additional for $5 or upgrade to a Pro plan or some other paid plan to get more + other features.

In terms of a forwarding requests from one domain to another, see below articles:

Regarding e-mail forwarding, … there is an app at Cloudflare Apps Center, but I haven’t used it:

Recently, there was announced E-mail routing/forwarding.
You can sing-up for it, but I cannot guarantee when you will get it for your domain name.
See the blog post about it here:

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