MIgrating legacy tunnel to a named tunnel and the named tunnel won't run

I created a named tunnel to replace my legacy tunnel, set it up in .cloudflared as best I could and when I try to run the tunnel it gets to a certain point and then stops. It finds the UUID for the tunnel and starts the process then stops after this series of messages:

2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF Starting tunnel tunnelID=4c427873-2d4a-4cab-8bc3-4a1c8d51c30c
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF Version 2022.9.1
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF GOOS: linux, GOVersion: go1.18.6, GoArch: amd64
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF Settings: map[config:/root/.cloudflared/config.yml]
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF Generated Connector ID: d6324c4e-2714-4221-900c-5e55d3cef88f
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF cloudflared will not automatically update if installed by a package manager.
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF Initial protocol quic
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z INF Starting metrics server on
2022-09-29T15:52:03Z WRN Failed to create icmp router, ICMP proxy feature is disabled error="cannot create ICMPv4 proxy: socket: permission denied nor ICMPv6 proxy: socket: permission denied"
2022-09-29T15:52:04Z INF Connection 4c6fc798-5774-4b27-b532-03468d6d7e77 registered connIndex=0 ip= location=ORD
2022-09-29T15:52:04Z INF Connection 90ca5d10-d667-4d1a-97b5-071d48d4eda6 registered connIndex=1 ip= location=EWR
2022-09-29T15:52:05Z INF Connection d46413da-b31e-4472-b5aa-6cfa29fafc26 registered connIndex=2 ip= location=ORD
2022-09-29T15:52:06Z INF Connection f9d15106-9bcd-4700-b0a8-6740db76e6af registered connIndex=3 ip= location=EWR

I’m guessing that ICMPv6 warning is the problem?

Do you have any issues when trying to connect to the tunnel?
When you say stops, like cloudflared exits with an error code of 1 or higher? Or does it just not display any more text. What you have there is the standard start up text.