Migrating Hosting, New SSL or transfer?

I have SSL on my Wordpress site. I’m not sure if it’s with Cloudshare or my host, or both (I see it on Cloudflare and in my cPanel at host–Bluehost).

My new host, Cloudways, offers me an SSL certificate. Should I “start fresh” with a new SSL? I’m using Let’s Encrypt Pro right now and have the plugin.

Second related question: I assume there’s no SEO hit from a new certificate, if that is the easiest route.

Absolutely! You should start from the foundation of a new site with HTTPS before you proxy it with Cloudflare.

Nah, SEO doesn’t care which valid certificate you use. Just as long as it’s functioning with HTTPS.


When you say start with https before you proxy it to Cloudflare:
So this isn’t a new site, just going to a new host. Should I uninstall the cert from cloudflare, install my new SSL on my new host, then change the cloudflare settings? In that order?

It’s best to Pause Cloudflare on Site from dash.cloudflare.com, lower right corner, during the move so you’re looking at the live site straight from the new host. Once it’s all good with HTTPS at the new host, you can un-pause Cloudflare. There’s nothing else to do.

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