Migrating from page rules to redirect rules (https + www)

I’m deprecating the pair of page rules that redirected all requests to https + www in a single redirect.

The new rule is in the redirects section. Expression: (not ssl) or (http.host ne “www.example.com”)

The new action is: concat(“https://www.example.com”, http.request.uri.path)

I’ve only ever used page rules. Is the rule above going to redirect ALL non-https and/or non-www requests to https+www in ONE redirect? It recognizes the www and doesn’t apply it to non-www, etc?

That’s two rules in one, which is good.

  1. If it’s not HTTPS, then redirect to HTTPS www with the path.
  2. If it’s not www, then redirect to HTTPS www with the path.

Is it not working as expected?

It’s doing what I expect for standard URLs, but I don’t know how the new rules sections work yet.

  • I do not cache non-ssl/www, will I get the odd cache based missed redirect? (should I?)
  • I have different levels of security in /wp-admin/, will those be treated differently?

How the page rules section and the new sections work seems to be different. As always, its the hackers I worry about. They request urls not normally requested and my security varies for each.

I need the www and https to be rock solid, as in priority… and 5 new rule sections are bound to have new priorities… just thought I’d ask here. Its become REALLY hard to find stuff on Google about the new types of page rules as the old “page rules” stuff is indexed heavily.

Any advice welcome.

If you haven’t added any cache rules, your site will continue to work as expected.

Not based on the redirect rule you’ve added. Redirects are a fresh request for the target destination, so your site will continue to work as before.

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