Migrating from "Page" rule, "Cconfiguration" rule has missing option?

Hello. Since page rules are to be deprecated at some point I’m trying to move mine to the correct rule section.

Page Rule for: www.example.com/wp-admin*

  • Disable Apps
  • Disable Performance
  • Security Level High
  • Cache level bypass <----- ??

In page rules I can bypass the cache for requests to admin pages, but in the “configuration” rules section where this rule will have to migrate to when page rules are deprecated there is no option to bypass cache?

Use “Cache rules” which can be found under “Caching”.

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So deprecate one page rules and need two different rules in two different sections to accomplish the same thing? I was hoping to avoid that.

My concern is that there are other security and redirect rules, and order of application will matter. Blocking the cache on a non-www, having the url redirected afterwards, and having www cached type of situation…

Would the second rule, in the cache rules section, be
(http.host eq “example.com” and not http.cookie contains “wp-” and not http.cookie contains “wordpress” and not http.request.uri.path contains “wp-login” and not http.request.uri.path contains “wp-admin”)

ELIGIBILE for cache is the action for the above, so no pages in pages in those sections can be cached.

The check for WP cookies is to ensure that no page with wordpress cookies gets cached, even if they are outside the login and admin. Untested… prone to future problems if WP changes… thoughts?

Somehow I feel this rule could be improved.

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