Migrating from one CF account to another

Hey all,

We were migrating our DNS from one Cloudflare account to a new one this weekend. It was updated Friday evening and it propagated without any issues. However, we had something else happen and had to change it back to the OLD DNS (also on CF).

Right now, BOTH DNS records are showing according to leafdns.com. However, when I updated something on the NEW CF account, it worked. So clearly the DNS is still pulling from the new account.

It shows the OLD DNS as the “parent nameservers” and the new DNS as the “local nameservers” currently.

Now, I want to fully cut ties with the old account this week by updating the nameservers to the new DNS CF account.

Does anyone have any experience with this or have you seen this before?

https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/204615358-How-to-move-domains-between-Cloudflare-accounts covers that actually.

What is the domain and which nameservers were provided to the old account and which to the new one?

Hey @sandro! Here’s the information you requested:

OLD nameservers:

NEW nameservers:

At this point, the nameservers (from networksolutions) are pointing to the OLD NS (bill/jule). I am planning to update them this Friday back to the NEW NS (bailey, lynn).

Let me know if all of this makes sense or if you have any questions.

They do point to the old account, however Cloudflare has the domain currently assigned to the new account, so any settings on the old account shouldnt take effect but only the new account controls the domain as far as Cloudflare is concerned.

If you want the old account to control the domain, you’d need to re-check the nameservers and Cloudflare should eventually move it back. However I wouldnt advise that, especially if you want it soon on the new account anyhow. Just point the domain to the new nameservers and configure everything there.

Hey @sandro thanks for your reply. We want to use the NEW account only.

Therefore, I will update the nameservers at networksolutions and replace the OLD NS with the NEW NS (since it’s reading from there anyway).

Thanks for your assistance. As far as I understand, that will resolve the issue, correct?

What issue exactly? That you have the old nameservers set, but Cloudflare announces the new ones? If you act quickly - and Cloudflare does not move the domain back to old account - it should fix it.

Hey @sandro thanks for your reply. I suppose we will go ahead and move them back to the NEW NS then. I just didn’t want to cause any possible interruption in email/website, etc, but it sounds like you are saying it won’t be a problem.

The main concern @sandro is making sure that this wouldn’t backfire and for us to have downtime, etc during the middle of the week.

If you make sure both accounts have the same DNS records, it shouldnt be an issue.

They do have the same DNS. We migrated it from the OLD to the NEW.

Alright, good to know. I will update the records. Thanks again @sandro

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