Migrating from Cloudflare and Route 53


I’m running some tests for my company to migrate dns services. My domain registrar is namecheap and currently my ns records are pointed to cloudflare.

However, if I want to test migrating my ns servers to route 53, while maintaining zero downtime. To do this, I’m trying to reduce the TTL of my ns records but cloudflare does not provide this option. My primary concern is update ns records with my registrar and seeing a “Unable to resolve error”.
All my A, AAAA, CNAME, MX records are hosted both in route 53 and cloudflare.

Could someone provide insight into this?

First of all, your nameservers are set at your registrar (Namecheap). You can’t make any changes to those records from within Cloudflare.

As for your question:
Assume you query a resolver for example.com - the resolver still has the nameservers for your domain cached, but not the actual records.
The resolver will contact your Cloudflare nameservers to obtain your records, but Cloudflare’s nameservers will respond that they are not authoritative for example.com (Status: REFUSED)

At this point, the resolver would know that the cached nameservers are wrong and would start looking for other nameservers.

The only caveat here is that Cloudflare would not automatically respond with REFUSED when you change your nameservers. When Cloudflare detects that you changed your nameservers, they will instead (to my knowledge) respond with an SOA record, which would be problematic.

However, I believe you could “fix” that by removing your zone from Cloudflare after you changed your nameservers at the registrar.
I haven’t tried any of this though, so take it with a grain of salt and best try this process with some test domain first.


I tried changing records with my registrar for a test domain and running a heartbeat service and it seems to have transitioned fine without any downtime.

I read somewhere to disable DNSSEC so I have done that. I will keep in mind to delete my zone. Thanks!

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