Migrating from another organization's account

We have a client with their DNS hosted under another organizations cloudflare account.

We want to migrate them to a standalone account. Can this be done so we don’t have to rebuild their zone settings? (I think this is a more of a sales question but haven’t received a response in support) None of the similar topics are applicable.


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Unfortunately, Cloudflare doesn’t migrate zones between accounts.

The only way to automate zone settings is with Terraform:

Otherwise, it’s a pretty manual process, with the exception of DNS records:


At the risk of repeating myself, it would be best if the client granted you admin permissions to their own account, rather than having all your clients domains under your account. Depending on your size, using the Partner setup might be better still.

If the clients zones are in their own account, when the relationship ends you can just revoke your access, and walk away without the chaos that moving zones between accounts will create.


Hi Michael,
That would be great but they’re not hosted in our account they’re hosted in another vendor’s account and we have no access except a dump of their zone file which hopefully we can import.

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