Migrating Edge Cache TTL page rule

I’m trying to figure out how to change the TTL for cached content using the new Cache Rules. With Page Rules it was easy. But that’s deprecated now and I’m looking to do the same thing with Cache Rules.

In Page Rules I have a Cache Everything page rule and I have an Edge Cache TTL page rule.

What I want in Cache Rules is to cache everything that has a suitable Cache-Control header and I want to specify my own TTL and ignore only the max-age directive.

But I am confused because it looks like you have to check Ignore cache-control header and use this TTL to specify a TTL. That isn’t what I want because I don’t want to ignore the cache-control header.

My question is does ignore cache-control header only apply to max-age and s-maxage directives? Or does it ignore the whole header?

From your previous set-up it sounds like you already were ignoring cache control headers.

The old cache everything page rule, ignored cache control headers and then cached all the content. If you had a Page Rule for edge cache TTL, then it would also ignore the headers and cache for the time that you specified. This would mean that you are caching all content, for the time specified in your page rules.

Using cache rules if you set up one to Make Eligible for Cache and set a TTL then you would accomplish the same thing.