Migrating domains to cloudflare's new service

Will I experience any outage in the time that the domains are being transferred? is there anything else that needs to be done (I am coming from Hostgator but I already have all the domains protected by Cloudflare) - thanks for the help!

No outages. I did a handful of transfers last night. There’s no change in name servers, so it’s completely transparent to visitors.


Specifically, what happens, when you transfer a domain between registrars, is that the registry for your TLD (Top Level Domain), simply updates two records on their internal database: The new registrar ID, and the expiry date, which extends by 1 year. The technical details of the domains don’t change: nameservers, DNSSEC signed delegations, etc, remain untouched. So aren’t other metadata fields such as Creation (=registration) date, registry domain ID, etc.

Great! just wanted to make sure before i move everything over. Thank you!

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