Migrating _domainkey NS entries from old registrar DNS to Cloudflare

Hi all!

We migrated the primary nameservers to Cloudflare a while back but have some old NS records (e.g. _dmarc, _domainkey, aws, newsletter, etc) that still point to our old registrar’s DNS. It’s not been an issue with the site thus far but we need to migrate the _domainkey entry over to Cloudflare to resolve an issue with Sendgrid.

I’m not at all familiar with this kind of thing so not sure how to do this - or what the values should be. For the “Content” entry would it be ns1.website.com and ns2.website.com or the cloudflare-branded nameservers, e.g. timothy.ns.cloudflare.com?

Appreciate any help the community could provide on this. Thanks!

If you are going to put the DKIM records into the Cloudflare DNS, just delete those NS records.

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If the NS records point to a nameserver that no longer should serve any of your zone data,

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