Migrating domain to Cloudflare registrar but what want to keep my business email account on yahoo?

Hello everyone,

I’m interested in moving my domain from my host provider ( Yahoo business who has partnered with Tucows ). However, I want to keep my business email on Yahoo. It seems I have to do something with MX records but are there any step by step instructions on maintaining the same email? Thanks.

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This can be done but you should try finding your account information from Yahoo.

If you can’t find it, the tools below can get you most of the information,

MX Lookup



When you add domain to Cloudflare, it will automatically scan all your dns records from the existing nameserver/provider including mx (Mail server), A, SPF etc.

Recreate ones that are missing.

Than change your nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare.

Voila all done depending on dns propogation delay.

Hope it helps.

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I would like to suggest also the following tools



Hope they help with a smooth migration!