Migrating domain from AWS Route 53

I am migrating the domain from AWS route 53 to Cloudflare. Cloudflare listed out 4 nameservers and asked to remove them and add the 2 suggested by them. I followed the steps
Domain is mothernature365.com

I have an A record in route 53 pointing to an IP address of the server where site is hosted. I think that will be required.

I am not sure what mistake I am doing because after 2 days my site the domain name is still not resolved.
Help on this topic is appreciated.

That domain is still using AWS name servers. Whatever is broken needs to be fixed at Route 53.

When a domain is added to Cloudflare, it tries to guess all DNS records. At the end of the process, it shows you its list that you’ll have to compare against your current DNS and add any that are missing. At this point, you’re missing Route 53 DNS records for your website.

No it is not. I have changed it. Attached is screen shot for reference

Ok, if you insist. Then I guess it must be something else…

Care to explain this then?

nslookup -type=ns mothernature365.com a.gtld-servers.net
Server:  UnKnown

mothernature365.com     nameserver = ns-47.awsdns-05.com
mothernature365.com     nameserver = ns-877.awsdns-45.net
mothernature365.com     nameserver = ns-1673.awsdns-17.co.uk
mothernature365.com     nameserver = ns-1304.awsdns-35.org

@sdayman’s response could not be any more spot on.

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I am sorry. I did not mean to be rude. I mean I did change in AWS but not sure not reflected still. I will go ahead and recreate it.

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Ok I found the problem . This is AWS registered domain. Even if I change the hosted zone, it will still not change the original value. I have to go and change where domain is registered.
I have done it now and will wait for changes to propagate. I will post my results here. Thanks @sandro and @sdayman .
@sdayman I once am sorry for my rudeness.

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Works now. Thanks @sdayman and @sandro

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