Migrating DNS from Network Solutions to Cloudflare

Have a bunch of Domains registered in Network Solutions. Trying to migrate them over to Cloudflare. Using the free version. Add website in Cloudflare, finds all the dns records from NetSol, then repoint NetSol to Cloudflare DNS servers. On some of these Domains, in Network Solutions, it had a Web Forwarding to another URL. Since I pointed to Cloudflare, in NetSol, the DNS records and the Web Forwarding automatically get disabled. I tried to setup the Forwarder again in Cloudflare, in the Page Rule, but that did not seem to work. Is this possible? Or does the forwarding only work from where your domain is registered? Have any of you all run into this issue?

A simple Forward (I assume you mean a 301 Permanent Redirect) should work in Page Rules.

They won’t get moved over automatically but you can create a Page Rule to do the exact same thing. Can you share a screenshot (feel free to blur out anything sensitive) of how you’re trying to configure the page rule so we can help fix that?


Hello, thanks for replying. I did add the page rule, but it did not work.

Alright. So first, that page rule would only trigger on WWW. Is that what you’re intending?

Second, you need a DNS record on www. You can add an AAAA record with a value of 100:: and a name of www and make sure it’s proxied (orange-clouded).


Ah it was the proxy. I had turned it off and said DNS Only. Was not sure what proxy was all about. Once I turned it on, the forwarding started working. Thank you!


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