Migrating DNS from GoDaddy with flarectl

I have a bunch (25) of domains to migrate from GoDaddy into Cloudflare for DNS (and eventually the registrar, but one step at a time). When I do them manually one-by-one, the Cloudflare website does a “scanning for existing DNS records”, shows me what it found, and adds the domain to my account.

When I do this with flarectl, the resulting domain(s) have an empty DNS record, meaning that flarectl isn’t bringing in any DNS records when it adds the domain.

Is there a way to have flarectl slurp in the DNS records when it adds the domain? And, if not, is there a way to bulk import DNS from GoDaddy?

I have not used FlareCtl, but setting jumpstart to true should do the trick.


However, it would be much more reliable to leave jumpstart to false, and import a zone file that you exported from GoDaddy. Jumpstart makes a best guess on the most common DNS records, but it is just a guess, and will miss lots of records.


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Thanks, yep! you’re right… setting jumpstart=true was the trick to making this work. Thank you!

I agree: for anything but the simplest domains, I think importing a zone file is the right option.

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