Migrating buyproperly.com DNS from Godaddy

We recently purchased buyproperly.com and godaddy had the DNS records for the same.

I managed to change the nameservers from there to newly created godaddy account

It has been more than 1 week but I am not seeing any analytics in cloudflare of site the being accessed. Makes me think do I have to do anything else apart from DNS NS change?

Attaching screenshots for reference.

So because of cloudflare not picking up my domain, most users are getting into http://buyproperly.com and are seeing URL not secure.

Please advise how to proceed further.

Seems to be loading fine.


Your screenshots did not upload.

Thanks sandro for replying.

But we I tried in incognito, it seems to be loading http only.

Just tried typing buyproperly.com in brave browser, that seems to be loading http page only still.

Your DNS records are not proxied, so requests will go straight to your server and hence nothing will be displayed there either.

I’d suggest to start at support.cloudflare.com to get a basic understanding of how Cloudflare works.

My last message was in response to the image you removed by now.

None of the other Cloudflare settings will apply either here because of that of course.

yes we are using DNS only setup in our CNAME. but we are using the same with buyproperly.ca in cloudflare and everything seems to be loading fine there.
Both buyproperly.ca and buyproperly.com are purchased from Godaddy only. Trying to understand what is the difference between the configurations.
All the details are populated in overview for buyproperly.ca

As I mentioned, check out support.cloudflare.com. That’s all explained there.

As long as you are not proxying you won’t get any requests displayed there.

Whatever redirects you are getting, they will be from the origin. Cloudflare is currently not involved here at all, save for DNS.

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