Migrated to SiteGround .. with domain registered with Cloudflare

I have a big problem.

I have migrated my website to Siteground and everything was fine. But I registered my domain with Cloudflare on recommendation and I have not been able to point the domain from Cloudflare to Siteground.

Siteground tells me to change the server names to my own and Cloudflare doesn’t also tell me to change the servers to my own.

I do not understand, if Cloudflare manages my domain, because it does not allow me to update the names of servers by those of Siteground and thus effectively point the domain to the hosting.

If someone could guide me, I would appreciate it.

Siteground is your host, ask them the ip address of the server with your site, take that IP and enter/ensure it already is entered as the value for the dns A record in the dns app of your cloudflare dashboard.

Thank you for your contribution

I have tried it.

When activating Cloudflare from siteground, it does not allow me to edit DNS records.

Delete and log in directly from cloudflare and I can edit the records. But they do not appear.

I need to dig again in a bit, appears you’ve set up via siteground as a partner and perhaps directly with cf as well?


I purchased a hosting service with Siteground and the domain is registered with Cloudflare.

Third party Cloudflare Integrations can cause a handful of problems, but this one takes the cake.

I don’t know if there’s a workaround for your current setup. Is there a particular reason you’re using SiteGround’s Cloudflare setup instead of the standard setup you had before?

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