Migrated to SiteGround - manage DNS within CF?

Hi there,

I have historically used CF with a Bluehost hosting. I recently migrated to SiteGround.
SiteGround made the CloudFlare migration pretty easy, but DNS is now managed within SiteGround CPanel.

I have noticed that the domain.com to www.domain.com redirect that SiteGround has enforced to enable CloudFlare to function is hurting my page load times by about 0.5 secs.

I didn’t have this issue with Bluehost - DNS was managed within CloudFlare.

Would I be right in think that if I disconnect my SiteGround account from Cloudflare and recreate the account locally within the CloudFlare site, this redirect would be avoided (providing I use the correct steps within CF’s DNS settings).

Thanks very much

If you go direct with Cloudflare, you won’t have to use www. This is my preferred setup. Not just for that, but I find it much easier to control my settings directly in Cloudflare.

Even better. That’s a no-brainer in that case, the redirect wasn’t helping load times at all.
Thank you!

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