Migrated to SiteGround.. Changes in Cloudflare settings

I have migrated to SiteGround. Im using CloudfFlare CDN with previous host. now what i learn is to use Cloudflare with new host. I have to update IP in cloudflare account.
So my question is

  1. do i need to activate cloudflare from cpanel of SiteGround as option is given there?
  2. will my existing free ssl works with new host without changing anything?
  3. what does it mean - your website must work with www to works with cloudflare?
  4. In my previous host DNS settings are
    A record for Domain and CName record for subdomain, but new host ask me to edit CNAME record make it A record for subdomain also. Is it right?

I am providing screenshot of my current DNS records with previous host. Plz check it and guide me…

I suggest that you don’t change anything at Siteground. Just changing your IP addresses here should be enough.

Thank you for your help.
Nothing to be changed about Subdomain?
I don’t want anything go wrong about as this subdomain currently attracting more traffic… so little bit worried about subdomain.

Do what they say. Use an “A” record IP address.

Thank you… I’ll try it

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