Migrated off of Cloudflare Last Month, Still Getting Error 1001

We migrated off of Cloudflare last month. I got the full deletion notice as stated:

The zone: “[redacted]” in account: “[redacted]” was deleted by Cloudflare on 2022-10-13T19:11:40.745058Z.

When I visit my website, it still gives a Cloudflare error and does not direct traffic properly.

I double checked with my registrar that DNS is properly pointing to our cloud service provider DNS zone and I double checked our cloud service provider that there is no references to Cloudflare.

Looking in my Cloudflare account, there are no references to the domain in question. This feels like an issue with Cloudflare. It has been some weeks since the full deletion, so I don’t think this will resolve itself.


Your www entry points to [REDACTED] which uses Cloudflare addresses.


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