Migrated from Kinsta to Liquid Web - super slow site now

I migrated my WordPress site yesterday from Kinsta to Liquid Web. I was and am still using Cloudflare as my CDN and DNS. My page loads have gone up an average of 17 seconds per page load! For example, my home page https://ridefree.com averaged about 3 seconds to 1 second depending on where it was tested… now the home page is about 20 seconds. Liquid Web Support has been unable to figure it out. Though they did find where they had their temporary domain record of my website AND the ridefree.com all loading in the data base at the same time… and supposedly fixed that… but it is still super slow… it does look like the pages might be loading multiple times… the reason I ask is just in case someone knows if anything with Cloudflare could be causing the slow loading? Thanks!!! Wil

TTFB is certainly horrid. I have to admit that I’ve never seen 1.5Megs of HTML for a homepage.

I don’t see anything on the site that needs to be generated dynamically for a visitor. A Page Caching plugin, like W3TC would certainly speed things up.

If you really want an impressive home page load time, add this Page Rule:
Match: ridefree.com/
Settings: Cache Level (Cache Everything), Edge Cache TTL (1 day, or longer if you rarely update the front page).

I moved the hosting back to Kinsta and have my old page speed numbers again… saving about 17 seconds per page. Looks like there were some problems with the Migration to Liquid Web… will try again and see what happens. Home Page is back to 3 seconds versus 20, and Route 66 Motorcycle Tour Page back to 5- 7.5 seconds from 25 seconds… https://gtmetrix.com/compare/hLdWqhjp/BB2qhe9e/QHBfy6Yf/tYmUPtrJ
Kinsta gives you 2 php workers, and LQ gives you 10 and can flex to 20… so hopefully when it is migrated right it will help the site… https://ridefree.com Will see.

Hi. Check it out now. Should be better. Thanks!!!
I need to work on cleaning up requests and the site in the near future. I think there are some underlying issues from the Elegant Divi theme maybe or…
-It is using the Kinsta Cache now.
-I will try to set up the Page Rule, I am trying to learn how to set up and maximize Cloudflare

I am trying to figure out if I need a page rule for just the home page… or to make all the pages 1 day or longer… like 6 months…

I set the Cache TTL setting in Cloudflare to 6 months a month ago… not sure if that was the right move or not.

also set the Kinsta Cache to 6 months now… it was only one hour by default…

may 13 2020, from Sydney,

AU with all fixed…, but still on Kinsta… is slower other places bc hosted in AU, Sydney
in AU for homepage 1.6 seconds, 3.4 seconds for rt 66 bike tour

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