Migrated domain between CF accounts, SSL certificate not renewing. Ticket 3101930


Pro plan user here. I’ve had a ticket (#3101930) open for this since Tuesday but not had a response yet (I understand you folks are really busy at the mo), so I thought perhaps posting here might help nudge things along.

I have a domain which used to be on another Cloudflare account. I moved it to it’s own Cloudflare account a couple of months back.

The www record, which was migrated across from the old account, is using a Lets Encrypt certificate that’s due to expire on Jan 30, and doesn’t seem to want to renew itself.

All the other records I’ve added since are using expected the Universal edge certificate for the account, issued by Google Trust Services. It’s just this one www record using the old certificate.

I’ve tried turning the Proxy record setting off and on for www, but it still uses the Let’s Encrypt cert.

I recevied an email to the old Cloudflare host account on Dec 30 saying “As part of the Cloudflare SSL certificate renewal process, we need you to re-approve the domain … so that we can re-issue SSL certificates for use on our network.”, asking me to add a _acme-challenge.www.mydomain DNS record as “www.mydomain no longer resolves to Cloudflare’s edge, and we cannot automatically complete the renewal process.”. I added the DNS record but that’s not helped.

So I think that www. is stuck using a certificate from the old Cloudflare account, and I’m concerned that it’ll expire without renewing.

Thanks in advance!

What is the domain?

I’d rather not disclose that publicly for the moment. I do like your cf.sjr.org.uk tool though, it gives me a clean bill of health too.

Support came through for me :slight_smile:

My issue that there was a Cloudflare Pages deployment in the old Cloudflare account, which had a custom www hostname. While I’d deleted the domain from the old account, the custom hostname was holding onto the old certificate and was unable to renew it.

Deleting the custom hostname from the old account Page deployment resolved the issue.