Migrate to the Stream GraphQL Analytics API by Feb 1st, 2023

What is changing?

The “per-video” analytics API is being deprecated. If you still use this API, you will need to switch to using the GraphQL Analytics API by Feb 1, 2023. After this date, the per-video analytics API will be no longer available.

Why is this API being deprecated?

Cloudflare Stream’s GraphQL Analytics API provides the same functionality and more, with additional filters and metrics, as well as the ability to fetch data about multiple videos in a single request. Queries are faster, more reliable, and built on a shared analytics system that you can use across many Cloudflare products (docs).

Most developers using Stream already use this GraphQL Analytics API. If you’ve made a request to this API recently, we will reach out to you directly via email as well to follow up and make sure you have what you need to migrate.

How do I migrate to the GraphQL Analytics API?

The example GraphQL query below mirrors how the old per-video analytics API works, querying for the number of minutes viewed and the number of views for a specific video UID, based on client-side analytics. Read more about how to make your first query in the Stream GraphQL API docs.

query {
  viewer {
    }) {
        filter: {
          date_geq: "2020-10-01"
          date_lt: "2020-11-01"
        limit: 1
      ) {
        sum {


We want to make this migration as easy as possible for you — comment on this forum topic with any questions, or hop into the #stream channel in the Cloudflare Discord. (invite link)

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Hello, irvinebroque, thanks for your message here above!

At https://cfpowertools.com/ we remained one of the few that are still using your old “per-video” analytics API. At least, that’s what you told us when you reached out to us :wink:

We evaluated the changes you guys did on the analytics API and it’s actually massive. We coded our entire analytics section based on the API you decided to publish years ago. So this change for us generates enormous developing costs.

So I am reaching out to you here in the hope that your answers to my questions can also help others in the same situation.

Pls see here how our WordPress plugin stream analytics looks like:

and here are my questions:

a) if I understood properly, from the 1st of February, the old API will stop to work. What will happen to our plugin’s Analytics? Will your API server simply “reject” the requests and any analytics won’t be fetched anymore? Or should we wait some other “bizarre” behaviors?

b) we have several hundreds of clients that are using our Cloudflare stream Wordpress plugin: is there any possibility of delaying this deadline of a few weeks? (I apology to be in late with this request, I know you guys alerted us a few months ago but the first message went to our spam folder)

c) in your email you offered a hand for this important switch: if our dev need help or have questions when moving all the code to “graphQL”, how can we reach out to you guys directly? What’s the best channel?

Thanks a lot for your time and for the wonderful job you are doing with Stream :wink:

Kind regards