Migrate to Siteground and Google Adsense is not displayed

Recently I migrated my WordPress site from Bluehost to Siteground, I didn’t change the domain name and the domain is under Namecheap.
I activated the account in Cloudflare directly which was perfect. However my google adsense stopped dispalyed, it was fine and the same setting when host was in Bluehost.

The Tech Team from Siteground told me it’s becasue the Cloudflare I activated, I see a lot of people are also experiencing the same issue and I have been looking for the answer or solutions online but couldn’t find any.

I also tried to debug in my Cloudflare but still the google adsense is just not displayed.

I used Ad inserter for google adsense which I also used the debug function and found the code is actually placed but not dispayed.

If anyone can kindly share some feedback?

Thank you

Try disable Rocket Loader in Cloudflare.

URL please?

It’s located under Speed tab - Optimization in your Cloudflare dashboard.

this is disabled already

the ad should be showed up in the right hand down corner

Looks like you are using Siteground nameserver, not Cloudflare ones.

And your traffic is not routed through Cloudflare.

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bc now i just changed it back to Siteground nameserver to try if it will be working.

now i have changed it back again to test

I m seeing Adsense ads in right sidebar.

I saw one under 廣告時間:

Thank you guys for checking.
In my case, when I check my web in private mood or in different browsers (IE,CHROME,FIREFOX), it sometimes shows up and sometimes not.
I am not sure why, and in my google adsense shows 0 revenue in these two days even there are some traffic.

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Erictung is right, when you changed the hosting you forgot to change the nameservers as well that is essential to keep working on both ends.

I have been using Google Adsense for more than 4 years, and earned thousands of dollars, from my experience, ads are not shown when you visit the site since Google Adsense stores your cookies and know you’re the users who own the site or already visited the site or you have content where there are few ads.

If you get a few visitors a day, you’ll see zero revenue for sure. You need to get at least 20,000 to 50,000 unique a month to earn a decent amount of money.

The best is to learn SEO that teaches you how to rank higher on Google and bring the most traffic.

Zee Ahmed,
Founder at One Smart Sheep

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