Migrate the Nameservers

Hi, One of my domain is transfered to another third party provider & the name servers are still in my cloudflare account. They requested to transfer the nameservers also. Ho can I proceed this migration?

You will need to update your nameservers at your domain registrar. If your registrar is Cloudflare, you must use Cloudflare nameservers, so you will need to either update your Cloudflare DNS records to use the new provider’s addresses, or you will have to transfer your domain to another registrar.

My Domain regitrar is another proivider. Only nameservers are with my Cloudflare account. So I dont need to intiate any transfre right? just export the DNS settings from Cloudflare & import to the new provider?

Unless your Cloudflare DNS has already been updated to use the new provider’s addresses, you may not have much benefit from exporting your existing DNS. There is no guarantee that your new DNS provider will be able to import your DNS records, either. You SPF probably work with your new provider to see what they recommend.

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