Migrate my community account to another email address

I want to change my community account from the existing email address to another Cloudflare account. I no longer use the existing email account, and I don’t want to loose my community reputation, badges, username, etc. I’ve also opened a Cloudflare account support ticket (#2535214). How can I migrate my community account to my new Cloudflare account? Thanks for your help!


Thank you for sharing your ticket number. @cloonan might know how to help in your case.

Helpful article:


Can you reply to this topic from the other email/account as a confirmation?

Just indicate you want x community user merged into y community user and there is a mod that I know will do the needful. They all seem really nice.

No worries about badges et al, those will move along with the transfer and manually adjusted if needed.

Thanks for your responses!

Yes, he sure will be able to help me with this issue.

In that support ticket I replied with both email addresses, to confirm that I control them.


Thank you, @Lumito I am going to give my colleagues time to take care of your ticket and then will proceed

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