Migrate https site with Universal SSL

I am new to Cloudflare.
I have migrated my https site from one cloud provider to another.
I use Cloudfare DNS record with Universal SSL certificate.
When I change my DNS record to a new server, https not working. It gives 526 error.

how can I update Universal SSL certificate setting on my new server? or What changes I have to do in cloudfare?
Please help,

If your Cloudflare SSL is set to Full or Full (Strict), your new server needs to have an SSL certificate up and running. A 526 indicates this is not so.

Your new server needs SSL for your domain.

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You can install a Cloudflare origin cert on your server if you like, but if you want to communicate with it over SSL it needs some kind of certificate as @sdayman mentioned.


That means, Universal ssl certificate only encrypt cloud flare and web browsers connection with flexible option.
And if I want server side encryption i.e. between server and cloud flare I have to install ssl certificate on server and use full(strict) option.
Or I can use cloud flare paid ssl certificate.

The connection between Cloudflare and your origin needs some type of certificate yes. Cloudflare’s origin cert is free and can be used with either Full or Full(Strict) settings.

A paid Cloudflare issued cert would only be available on our edge, the keys can’t be exported from Cloudflare and imported elsewhere. Your hosting provider might also be able to install a self signed certificate or a certificate issued by Let’s Encrypt.

If you don’t mind telling us who your host provider is, we can provide some more information. Installing SSL on a server varies from host to host.

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